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What To Expect

Consultation – Stop by the studio at 1915 Menaul Blvd NE, Suite #6. If you have any existing versions, samples of what you want, and pictures of where your project will be installed. We will go over options, basic pricing, and our graphic designer meet with you to be sure we fully understand the scope of your project.

Survey – Our experienced installer will visit your site, collect photos and measurements, and get a scope of equipment necessary to install your job.

Estimate – Once we have collected all the possible information for you job we will put together a quote for your job. If you have an tax exemptions be sure to provide your paperwork so we can factor it in to the quote.

Deposit Collected – If you have received your estimate and are ready to proceed our policy is to collect at least $100 to cover the initial investment of graphic design time. We do not provide proofs or rendering until clients make a good faith investment in the project. We are confident that you will be impressed with our work and if not we will refund your deposit.

Proof and Rendering – After deposit is collected our graphic designer will get to work creating your project per your specifications. Please provide as much description as possible as this helps the designer create the customize look you desire. The proof and rendering will be emailed to you for your consideration. Simply One Stop has an easy online form where you will submit your approval or edits. The edit and proofing cycle repeats until your project looks exactly how you want.

Final Approval – When your project meets your vision and you have carefully checked all content you will give online approval or come in to personally sign a proof. For digitally print vehicle wraps and especially large projects we like to supply a print sample which will reflect the true colors and texture of the final product. Typically, we collect the remainder of the project balance at this time. If you project requires installation we can are excited to get you on our calendar.

Production – We get busy making your project a reality in this phase. For in-house printing jobs turnaround can be as shorts as 24 hours or, in the case of stationery printing, production can take up to 10 working days. We will phone and email you as soon as your project is complete.

Pick Up / Install – If you have an installation schedule we will keep you updated on the progress. If you are having a vehicle wrapped it you will drive it to our secure warehouse where it will be kept indoors until complete. Small projects will be kept in our studio for up to 60days, if you are unable to come in be sure to contact us so we know when to expect you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Simply One Stop is proud of our products, if you ever have issues with a job we will happily make it right.